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Do you need your old vinyl records or cassettes restored?  Do you need a cassette or reel-to-reel transferred to CD?  Do you need an independent ear to mix your bandís new studio recording?  With over 30 years experience in vinyl restoration, audio enhancement, multi-track mixing, and video-editing, we can restore, edit, process, mix or re-mix your audio project, as well as do basic web design. 
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with Gunner Nelson

In the studio with 1990s
pop star, Gunner Nelson

with Joey Molland of Badfinger

On stage with Joey Molland
of the 70s band, Badfinger

with Dwight Liles

Hanging out with #1 Christian songwriter, Dwight Liles

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SONG:  "Native Land" (2003), NAMMY (Native American music award), Nominated
Produced by Mark Allen and Pamela Dove

SONG: "Sun Shine" (2015),  Songdoor Songwriting Contest, Christian category, Honorable Mention
Written by Ricki Bellos and Mark Allen