Another Dream
Back It Up
Behind These Walls
Child Of God
Dam It
Diane & Dyin'
Free Will
From The Heart Of My Bottom
He's A Real Go-Getter
How Do You Give Your Heart Away
In The Neighborhood
Life Is Not Life
Looking For The Light
Love The Broken
Marconi Moments
More Than Mercy
Music, Laugher, And Love
My Heart Won't Listen To Me
No Letting Go
Pearl Inside The Shell
Raining In Memphis
Standing In Line
Sun Shine
The Man I Never Wanted To Be
The Same All Over
Wait For Me
What Can I Do For You
When We Dance
Where Is Home
Your Eyes


Original Song Lyrics

In an effort to help songwriters with their craft, I am sharing my own lyrics.
Each song includes the year it was written.

I started writing songs in 1976, when I was ten years old.
While everything I write is sentimental, not all of it is worth sharing.

Between 1983 and 1991, I wrote 97 songs.  Around this time, I bought a couple
books on the topic.  Then I moved to Nashville, and reached a new level of songwriting.
Not right away.  Like anything else, learning to do something well takes time, dedication, and patience.

Click on any title on the left side of the screen to view lyrics for that song.

If you like my lyrics, are a writer yourself and would like to have your lyrics critiqued, click here.



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