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Your Eyes


Diane & Dyin'
© 2008 Mark Allen

Such a beautiful girl with the future in her eyes
Her symptoms match the size
Of her toothless grin
And her family all agrees what a miracle to behold
They pray to God her soul
Will rest with Him
Barely in first grade, and can’t comprehend their cryin’
Diane and Dyin’

Born into a loving home, mom and dad made sure
Diana’s heart was pure
As a cleansing rain
In the twinkle of an eye, a mystery had surfaced
It attacks the central nervous
Cerebral vein
Then the heart won’t beat no matter how hard it’s tryin’
Diane and Dyin’

What’s it like to live without a grudge or regret
Charming everyone you’ve met
Not afraid of leaving here, and trusting in the one
Who promised His return
Is there a lesson for us to learn?

Such a beautiful day, emotions are immersed
Diana hums a verse
Of “Amazing Grace”
As the melody fades, silence sells for free
We wonder when she’ll see
Her savior’s face
Love is the string that we should all be tyin’
Diane and Dyin’