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Free Will
© 2014 Mark Allen

Notice the radiance, a reason to rejoice
We sign onto the world as if we had a choice
Do as youíre told came before Dr. Phil
Parents put a noose upon our own free will

Rightfully so, itís just one way to learn
When the straight and narrow needs a left turn
A 12-year vine, created to instill
A fear for the urge to follow free will

Pursuit of a dream, another four years
Teaches the rich man to hire volunteers
Balancing the budget takes time and skill
Breaking the balance of someoneís free will

Citizens and immigrants, a ton of expertise
Canít keep the homework from heading overseas
The Statue of Liberty, has a look that could kill
Hitchiní a ride to her own free will

One is not enough, letís make another
Two is not enough, letís make one more
Three is not enough, take a look around you
Wanting has found you, tearing down the door

He found religion in his millionaire prime
Praying to the motto printed on a dime
The glass is half-full, but he wants it to spill
And drown all the dreamers who want to take his free will

Executive decisions from his job to his wife
No one wants part of this quantity life
Friends became foes, heís alone on the hill
Coaxing his kids to share their free will

One is not enough, letís make another
Two is not enough, letís make one more
Three is not enough, letís populate the masses
I donít need glasses, Iíve seen enough

The pressure was a lot for that lion to bear
One more consumer, another gray hair
He could have stole the silver, instead he took a pill
That robbed him his breath and future free will

Mourn for the newborn, praise the day we die
Is Adamís sin worth a tooth or an eye
Judas was a hero, a prophecy fulfilled
Hanging by the thread of his own free will

What will you do with your own free will?