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Looking For The Light
© 2010 Mark Allen

White collar, top of his game
Everyone knows his last name
Raging bull sets the tone
Sends his steers to fight for the bone
Scared of his shadow when he’s all alone
A million dollar darkness sparks this eternal fight
That’s what keeps him goin’, lookin’ for the light

Hard worker, knows holy grace
She told the truth and lost the race
Free agent in a free land
Cooking snacks in a coffee can
Praising God for His perfect plan
She knows who holds the future, even on the darkest night
That’s what keeps her goin’, lookin’ for the light

Is this another test to find out
Who’s a keeper
Make us dig a little deeper
And discover how merciful You are
If we keep our focus, on the one who loves us
He will shine His beacon on us all

There’s a reason, why I’m here
GPA’s don’t make it clear
Hearts wander where they go
Passion loses to who you know
I need more than a job to grow
So many questions, every night
Will all the blind be given sight?
Do lost loved ones reunite?
If faith is a fuse, I want it to ignite
That’s what keeps me goin’, lookin’ for the light
Lookin’ for the light