Another Dream
Back It Up
Behind These Walls
Child Of God
Dam It
Diane & Dyin'
Free Will
From The Heart Of My Bottom
He's A Real Go-Getter
How Do You Give Your Heart Away
In The Neighborhood
Life Is Not Life
Looking For The Light
Love The Broken
Marconi Moments
More Than Mercy
My Heart Won't Listen To Me
No Letting Go
Pearl Inside The Shell
Raining In Memphis
Standing In Line
Sun Shine
The Man I Never Wanted To Be
The Same All Over
Wait For Me
What Can I Do For You
When We Dance
Where Is Home
Your Eyes


© 2011 Mark Allen

Did anyone see the news?
We lost another name that nobody ever heard of...
An earnest push with a show-me shove
Did anyone hear the cry?
Falling off the face of the passer’s by
Onto the table … where the busy are able to pass the pie
Eating to their own content
Chewing at the bit till their mouth is bent
Satan says take it slow, so he took a step of faith and broke his toe
He left it on the highway, next to his heart

Who wants a winning hand?
Where the Kings are Queens and the deck is stacked from the other side…
The dealer splits when the chips collide
You like to play sudden death
Corporate America squeezing the breath
Out of your dwelling… and Wall Street is selling whatever's left
The highest bidder wins, padding pockets and triple chins
The Government’s game is war, his gun won’t protect him anymore
He left it in the desert, next to his heart

Too despairing, who is caring
For the reasons we exist
Pain no longer, makes one stronger
Ripping Dockers from the dressed
And it buries the rest

Have you ever met the beast?
Promising to pay the tab despite his perpetual wink…
Standing in the corner when it starts to sink
How did we miss the sign?
The president said everything is fine
Years in the cellar, plenty of time to down the devil’s wine
Drinking ‘til our mind’s at ease, trying to sleep off this fatal disease
It’s obvious something’s wrong, there are no answers at the end of the song
I left them on the highway, next to my heart

Old age is not an option