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Raining In Memphis
© 2001 Mark Allen/Doug Shaw

The words on the box said This Side Up
She’s loading her life in the back of her truck
She’s taking the bed, she’s taking the phone, she’s taking my heart
Moving out West, searching her soul, tearing mine apart
She’s trading all of what we had for the sand and the sea
Sunshine may be waiting for her but it’s cloudy in Tennessee

And it's raining in Memphis
Rain is falling from my eyes, how am I gonna survive
And these tears tell the story
The one thing known to be mine, left me behind
In Memphis

The world’s ups and downs from day to day
Can turn sunny skies from blue to gray
She called once, said she’s fine, she made the right choice
I could hear the secret fear in her voice
She wants to make believe she’s got what she needs the most
Right now I can’t help but think that there’s a hurricane on the coast

And it's raining in Memphis
Since she left, nothing’s right, for both of us tonight
And these tears last forever
Time will tell – could she be, lonely as me
In Memphis

The road to independence is worth the ride
You can’t begin the journey until you pack up your pride

My heart tripped a beat as she pulled in
The sound of her breath, the touch of her skin
We took a long hard look at life as we walked through town
She reached out and held my hand and then thunder came crashing down

Now it's raining in Memphis
No where else I'd rather be, than holding her, holding me
And it rains all around us
In my world, nothing’s wrong , because she’s back where I belong
We'll get soaked, I don't mind, the weather is fine
It's raining in Memphis