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Standing In Line
© 1993 Mark Allen

Iím standing in line at the check-out counter
Waiting on a lady in front of me
Sheís talking to her friend about the color of her hair
Like no one else is standing there
I could see a little bit of gray
Not enough to make a difference anyway
Her friend offered good advice
Is it really worth the sacrifice?
That could be a sign, I think itís time, she said
Thatís just what Iíll doÖ

Iím standing in line at the airport terminal
Listening to the couple in front of me
Sheís trying to decide if the cost of the ride
Reflects the safety of the passengers inside
He could avoid this fuss
If theyíd just take the Buick or the bus
He assured her of all theyíd gain
And destroyed all her doubts about the plane
She said I know youíre right about this flight, so
Thatís just what Iíll doÖ

Maybe weíd take more chances if the risks didnít outnumber us
If the plane landed and you didnít lose your hair
Would you still be standing there, or would you take a chance?
Why donít you take a chance?

Iím standing in line at lifeís intersection
Wondering which direction is right for me
Iíve been here before and Iíve just walked away
Like I can come back some other day
I can see a dim light ahead, and it seems to represent the life Iíve led
Iíve gotta keep moving on, when I look back to see how far Iíve gone
That could be a sign and I think itís time, so
Thatís just what Iíll doÖ

Iím standing in line
Iím standing in line
Iím standing in line