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Sun Shine
© 2013 Mark Allen / Ricki Bellos

On a dark day the day I was grown
I broke him out, I drove him home
He said I was the only one to understand
No offense was meant to my Mom and Dad
I didnít drive far to find
We were two of a kind
As the clouds opened up he smiled

See the sun shine
It warms a weary mind
Bending the wheel
Feel the sun shine

We noticed the landscape had changed
How his past was rearranged
The garden was filled with Queen Anneís lace
Seven stones on a hill with no hint of grace
I saw the burning inside
Was it still worth the ride?
As the path opened up he smiled

See the sun shine
It helps a heart unwind
Trusting to heal
Feel the sun shine

I lifted him up where the porch had stood
And steadied his frame among traces of wood
He leaned on my arm, though his mind was clear
We both knew there wouldnít be a next year

See the sun shine
The daylight has to fade
See the sun shine
His faith would not be swayed
Thy will be done
Feel the sun shine

When Iím covered in rain-painted clouds
I see his smile, then the sun shines through