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"The CD arrived yesterday so I've been listening to it over the last two evenings.  I love it!  It sounds better than I could have ever imagined!  I'm sure glad I found you!" - Bob Rogers, Dallas, TX

The two samples below are from a 1976 LP by Texas Rose. The vinyl album was in
pretty good shape.  Bob found me online and asked me to make it sound better
and put it on CD.  Here are 2 &"before and after"samples.  Listen for the
removal of pops,turntable rumble, and a difference in EQ.

Texas Rose Sample 1
(before and after)
Texas Rose Sample 2
(before and after)

"You did miracles with this - it sounds fabulous! I can't say enough about what you did. Absolutely astounding! I was blown away!

I transfered a group of 30-year old cassettes to CD for #1 CCM songwriter Dwight Liles.

Dwight Liles Sample 1
(before and after)

Dwight Liles Sample 2
(before and after)

Dwight Liles Sample 3
(before and after)

Dwight Liles Sample 4

(before and after)

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