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Put your music on compact disc!
Old 45's, LP's, cassettes, 8-tracks, or reels to CD!
  Digital mastering
Remove clicks and pops
Labels and inserts

Quality service
Low prices
Fast turn-around*

(*turn-around is contingent on complexity of project)

$1 per music minute + $10 for first CD with basic label
  30 minutes of audio + one CD = $  40.00
60 minutes of audio + one CD = $  70.00

$5 each additional CD with basic label only
$3 each additional CD without label
Add $5 per label with graphics

Digital mastering includes optimum peak levels.
Basic EQ setting $25 additional.
Basic noise reduction only: $25.
Advanced Clip/Pop removal: $15 per song (under 5 minutes in length)
Graphics $25/hour. 
Graphics include label, insert, and tray liner.
Shipping and handling fees may apply, if mailed.

Email about Analog Transfers/Restoration

If you own an old recording that you would like transferred to a CD, please let us know.  Your recording may be in 45, LP, cassette, 8-Track, DAT, or standard 1/4 inch reel to reel formats (1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2, 15, or 30 ips).  We also can transfer radio station carts to CD, using one of two in-house triple-decker ITC cart machines!

Tape recordings can and will normally deteriorate with time, even without playing them. While LP's fare considerably better than tape, they will still lose sound quality with each playing.

If your recording is in public domain or of a personal nature, most any quantity of CD’s can be made from your original.  An example of a personal recording would be one of your children playing in the school band.

If your old recording is copyrighted and the copyright is owned by someone other than yourself, we must place a transfer limit of one CD per old recording and they must be for your personal use only.

The least expensive method is the transfer of an LP or tape with each song being placed on the CD as a separate track.  This allows for the very easy locating and playing of a given song and the finished CD will sound identical to your supplied recording.  This level is probably a good choice if your old recording is in good condition.

Through the use of sound enhancement software, we remove
major pops and ticks that may be present in your LP recording.  We go over the recording with a fine-toothed comb.  The process can take several hours, and can usually be done with little or no audible compromise of the music.

Please note: If heavy pops and ticks are present throughout all or most of your recording, some low volume and/or low tone pops may be randomly present in the completed CD.  However, the final result will still sound better than the original recording. Please also be aware that it is impossible for us to remove any noise in an original recording that overwhelms the music without also removing some of the music in the process.  We will take absolute care in providing you with the best quality reproduction possible.