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Rick Springfield, Roanoke Civic Center, 1983 - signing a Teen Magazine from 1972.  He smiled and said, "Oh! I remember posing for this!"

This is backstage at the Roanoke Civic Center 1985 for the Tao tour.  I skipped school in 1982 and 1983 to see him, but having graduated in 1984, this time I just skipped the guilt trip.

Getting to see The Monkees in 1986 was a real thrill for me. Meeting Micky Dolenz was a bit of a let down, since he was my favorite. He was more interested in getting in and getting out than he was talking with his fans.

Davy wasn't ready for the first pic...

Now he's ready... something goofy happened with the film, and these two pics didn't come out.

When I told Peter I didn't pass the audition for "The New Monkees", he said, "Yeah, you and about 4,000 other people."
Craig Chaquico and Grace Slick, Roanoke Civic Center, 1987.  Grace wasn't ready for the picture, but I was too intimidated by her presence to allow for another picture.

Joseph Pope of The Tams dropped by WCHV in 1990.

Meeting Don Imus was another thrill (1990). He's rough around the edges, but a nice guy at heart.

Emily, you are so beautiful! This was at the Charlottesville Performing Arts Center in 1990. I got to see them 2 more times in the early 90's. Emily gives great hugs!

Ray Peterson and I were friends for 10 years, until he passed away January 25, 2005.  He was The Golden Voice of Rock and Roll.

With David Wilcox, circa 1991 at The Iroquois, Roanoke, Va.  This was the second time I had seen David in concert.  I saw him twice in the late 90s, both times in Nashville.

Met Barry Williams at a NACA convention, circa 1994. Very nice, and personable.