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This is undoubtedly the highlight of my life, 2004, getting to sit 13th row and then meeting The Smothers Brothers.  I had such a good time, that I bought tickets to see them again the next night!  I love you guys!!!

Me with Phil Kenzie in his studio, April 2007.  Phil played the sax solo on "Year Of The Cat" (Al Stewart), "Jet" (Paul McCartney & Wings),
and countless others.

Barbara Mandrell, circa 2007

I saw Rick in 2004, but didn't get backstage.  This shot is backstage at The Wildhorse, Nashville, February 14, 2008.

May Pang, The Fab Four Festival, Nashville, 2008
Check out May's website here!

Nashville, Fab Four Fest
October 24th - It was May's birthday.
A fan brought her a cake and she shared it with others while it lasted.  I adore this lady!

Nancy Lee Andrews, Fab Four Fest 2008.  Check out her website here!

Joe Johnson of Beatle Brunch fame.
Click here for his website!

Joey Molland, Fab Four Fest 2009

Chris Huston, Fab Four Fest 2009.
Chris studied
at the Liverpool College of Art, and was a friend of John Lennon.

Chet Flippo, Fab Four Fest 2009.
As Imus said, he was a good writer
and a good lighter.

Jon Hager, Fab Four Fest 2009.
Jon was one of nicest people in the business.