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Pamela DoveDan Walzer

Dan Walzer is an incredible drummer of all styles of music.  I had a blast recording and producing
these songs with him.  I occasionally added guitars, percussion, and keyboards.  He recorded
five here, and released them on his compilation, "Shine".  To order a copy,
click here.


The Past

Second Chance


Upon Awakening

"Shine" is the debut album from jazz composer Dan Walzer. Recorded at The Audio Booth in Nashville, it features the stellar production work of Mark Allen with additional contributions from Walzer as well. (taken from the liner notes)

Guest musicians include Grammy-Nominated fretless guitarist Ric Hordinski and the virtuosic bass playing of Adam Nitti. The album is supported by some of Nashville's busiest session musicians including Dan Hagan and Dave Isaacs on guitars and Joshua Carre on bass as well.

Walzer leads the band writing and performing on both vibraphone and drums respectively. "Shine" combines the best elements of jazz fusion and ambient new age world music. Released on Walzer's own Essence of Now Records, the album is sure to entice fans of jazz and ambient instrumental music alike.

* Courtesy of Indie International.